Past Awards

Past Awards

Note: In Invitationals or Regionals where multiple MBMS teams competed, some events may appear more than once in the Medal or Top 10 lists.

2022−2023 Awards

SoCal State Championships 2023

Overall Team Placement: 14th


  • Roller Coaster: 1st (Dhruv Palle & Gopal Saladi)
  • Sounds of Music: 6th (Emmanuel Stewart & Gopal Saladi)

Other Top 10 Placements:

  • Anatomy: 7th (Arjun Jagan & Mihir Pullabhotla)
  • Bridge: 7th (Aisvaryaa Palaniappan & Gopal Saladi)
  • Flight: 7th (Aisvaryaa Palaniappan & Kendrick Perez)
  • Crime Busters: 8th (Kendrick Perez & Sravani Chittuluri)
  • Can't Judge a Powder: 9th (Marissa Sloss & Shikha Balraj)
  • Rocks and Minerals: 10th (Liana Hamon & Shaneev Priolkar)
We are proud to announce that our Meadowbrook school placed overall 4th place and advancing to the state competition which will be held tentatively on April 8th.
There were a total of 22 schools and 75 teams competed at the regional tournament yesterday in Division B category.
Team placements:
Everest - 7th place
Kilimanjaro - 17th place
Olympus - 43rd place
Here are the top 10 places awarded with medals, a total of 17 :
Anatomy - Everest - Arjun Jagan & Akshaya Bet - 5th place
Kilimanjaro - Mihir Pullabhotla & Evelyn Nguyen- 10th place
Coach: Srinivas Pullabhotla
Can't Judge the Powder - Everest - Marissa Sloss & Shikha Balraj- 7th place
Coach: Marianne Sloss
Codebusters - Everest - Sravani Chittuluri & Aisvaryaa Palaniappan & Moksith Adireddy - 2nd place
Coach: Priya Ramesh
Crave the Wave - Everest - Gopal Saladi & Moksith Adireddy - 10th place
Kilimanjaro - Rohini Yeshwantpur & Mihir Pullabhotla - 6th place
Coach: Samuel Stewart
Crimebusters - Everest - Sravani Chittuluri & Kendrick Perez - 5th place
Coach: Priya Ramesh
Disease Detectives - Everest - Kendrick Perez - 6th place
Coach: Deepthi Tipirneni & Lorena Mora-Blanco
Fast Facts - Kilimanjaro - Rohini Yeshwantpur & Sanvi Gutha- 9th place
Coach: Basawaraj Mannangi, Mentor: Pranit Mathur
Flight - Kilimanjaro - Danielle Brizard & Mona Ehsan - 8th place
Road Scholar - Everest - Arjun Jagan & Shaneev Priolkar -  5th place
Mentor: Rajan Tavathia
Rocks and Minerals - Everest - Shaneev Priolkar & Liana Hamon - 9th place
Coaches: Shawna Hamon & Lawrence Sverdrup
Roller Coaster - Kilimanjaro - Dhruv Palle & Mihir Pullabhotla - 3rd place
Coach: Valibabu Saladi
Solar System - Everest - Moksith Adireddy & Sravani Chittuluri -  9th place
Coach: Ramakrishna Adireddy
Sound of Music - Everest- Emmanuel Stewart & Gopal Saladi- 4th place
Coach: Mary Stewart & Samuel Stewart
Storm the Castle - Everest - Marissa Sloss - 9th place
Coach: Valibabu Saladi
WIDI - Kilimanjaro - Sanvi Gutha & Rohini Yeshwantpur - - 9th place
Coach: Wei-Hsiu Huang, Mentors: Iris Huang, Easha Ashraf, Anchal Verma
Other events which are under 15 places are:
Bioprocess - Everest- Shikha Balraj & Arjun Jagan - 11th place
Coach - Gallen Triana-Baltzer
Bridges - Everest- Gopal Saladi & Aisvaryaa Palaniappan - 13th place
Coach: Rama Palaniappan & Lawrence Sverdrup
Dynamic Planet - Everest - Arjun Jagan - 14th place
Experimental Design - Everest - Emmanuel Stewart & Shikha Balraj & Akshaya Bet- 12th place
Coach: Mary Stewart
Fast Facts - Everest - Aisvaryaa Palaniappan & Moksith Adireddy - 13th place
Roller Coaster - Kilimanjaro - Xavi Nguyen - 15th place
WIDI - Everest -Emmanuel Stewart & Aisvaryaa Palaniappan - 13th place

STEMBoost Satellite Invitational tournament

There were a total of 70 teams from around 8 states who represented at the Satellite mode STEMBoost Invitational Tournament on 1/21/23 to 1/28/23.
Congratulations to our Experimental Design Team Everest (Emmanuel Stewart, Shikha Balraj, Akshaya Bet) on placing 2nd in the event
Other nine events which scored Top 20 places are:
Crave the Wave Team Kilimanjaro(Rohini Yeshwantpur & Mihir Pullabhotla) - 12th place
Sound of Music Team Everest(Emmanuel Stewart & Gopal Saladi- 14th place
Bioprocess Team Everest(Shikha Balraj & Arjun Jagan- 16th place
WIDI Team Everest(Emmanuel Stewart & Aisvaryaa Palaniappan- 16th place
Roller Coaster Team Everest(Sravani Chittuluri & Gopal Saladi-  17th place
Road scholar Team Everest(Arjun Jagan & Shaneev Priolkar- 17th place
Can't Judge a Powder Team Everest (Marissa Sloss & Shikha Balraj) - 18th place
Storm the Castle Team Everest(Marissa Sloss & Xavi Nguyen- 18th place
Anatomy Team Everest(Arjun Jagan & Akshaya Bet) - 20th place

BirdSO invitational tournament

There were 26 schools and 66 teams. Our Meadowbrook Team placement is 28th and school placement is 15th.

Medals were awarded to Top 10 places in each event-category

Roller Coaster: Xavi Nguyen & Gopal Saladi - 4th place
Bio Process Lab: Arjun Jagan & Shika Balraj - 6th place 
Fast Facts: Aisvaryaa Palaniappan & Rohini Yeshwantpur - 8th place
Can't Judge a Powder : Marissa Sloss & Shika Balraj - 9th place
Other events which were placed under 20th places:
Sound of Music - Gopal Saladi & Maristella Klitgord-Mora - 15th place
WIDI -  Aisvaryaa Palaniappan & Rohini Yeshwantpur - 19th place


2021−2022 Awards

SoCal State Championships 2022

Overall Team Placement: 17th


  • Crime Busters: 1st (Deren Erdem & Irene Huang)
  • Ping Pong Parachute: 2nd (Gopal Saladi & Yuvan Gollamudi)

Other Top 10 Placements:

  • Mousetrap Vehicle: 9th (Emmanuel Stewart & Nathan Perry)
  • Storm the Castle: 10th (Nathan Perry)
  • Write It Do It: 10th (Sanvi Naveen & Irene Huang)

All Results:

Livestream Link:

San Diego Regionals 2022

Overall Team Placements:

  • School placement: 4th
  • Team Hydrogen: 10th (Qualifies for State Championships)
  • Team Oxygen: 18th
  • Team Nitrogen: 28th
  • Team Carbon: 45th

Top 10 Placements:

  • Mousetrap Vehicle: 2nd (Emmanuel Stewart & Nathan Perry)
  • Crime Busters: 2nd (Deren Erdem & Irene Huang)
  • Bio Process Lab: 3rd (Arjun Jagan & Niyathi Jagan)
  • Write It Do It: 3rd (Sanvi Naveen & Irene Huang)
  • Disease Detectives: 4th (Samuel Romon Kuusinen & Rohini Yeshwantpur)
  • Experimental Design: 4th (Emmanuel Stewart, Doyun Lee & Sanvi Naveen)
  • Mission Possible: 5th (Gopal Saladi & Marissa Sloss)
  • Food Science: 7th (Marissa Sloss & Emmanuel Stewart)
  • Green Generation: 7th (Ashwin Kalyan & Samuel Romon Kuusinen)
  • Ping Pong Parachute: 7th (Gopal Saladi & Aisvaryaa Palaniappan)
  • Anatomy & Physiology: 9th (Arjun Jagan & Niyathi Jagan)
  • Electric Wright Stuff: 9th (Nathan Perry)
  • Ping Pong Parachute: 9th (Sravani Chittuluri & Sanvi Gutha)
  • Bridge: 10th (Marissa Sloss & Aisvaryaa Palaniappan)
  • Mission Possible: 10th (Matthew Leslie)
  • Ping Pong Parachute: 10th (Yuvan Gollamudi)

STEMBoost Invitational 2022

Overall Team Placement: 29th (Team Hydrogen)


  • Mission Possible: 6th (Gopal Saladi & Marissa Sloss)

Other Top 10 Placements:

  • Bio Process Lab: 9th (Arjun Jagan & Niyathi Jagan)
  • Mousetrap Vehicle: 10th (Emmanuel Stewart & Nathan Perry)

Livestream Link:

BirdSO Invitational 2022

  • Ornithology: 20th (Emmanuel Stewart & Vishal Arulprakasam)
  • Game On: 22nd (Aisvaryaa Palaniappan & Gopal Naidu Saladi)
  • Bio Process Lab: 28th (Niyathi Jagan & Arjun Jagan)

Troy Invitational 2022


  • Ping Pong Parachute: 3rd (Aisvaryaa Palaniappan & Gopal Saladi)
  • Mission Possible: 4th (Gopal Saladi)
  • Storm the Castle: 4th (Nathan Perry & Ella Triana-Baltzer)

Other Top 10 Placements:

  • Mousetrap Vehicle: 8th (Emmanuel Stewart & Nathan Perry)
  • Ping Pong Parachute: 9th (Sravani Chittuluri & Sanvi Gutha)